Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This 'n That

I've been on an "organizing" kick with my digital photos and videos which has stirred some fond memories. Looking back over the last 7 years of digital history reminds me of all the good things in my life. And it also makes me wish I had more video of Cris. We were always so busy documenting the grand kids and should have turned the camera on Cris more often. It's fun to listen to his voice. This first video was taken at Avila Beach September 2009.

December 2009

This is Luke playing short stop--looking so much like Kevin at that age.
Cris coached Kevin's team in 1986. See the resemblance? For sure.

This is Grahammy Bear---just having a beverage (empty can--no one year olds were given Coke products)

Owen's first Pinewood Derby. 2nd Place out of 15. He was soooooo excited.

That's an awesome car.

School is almost out for the summer--kids are home--lots of activities and vacations. I need more posts people. Catch me up.


Memzy said...

I'd never seen that singing video. I've only played it 14 times so far today.

Carol said...

I know--it's soooooo Dad. I have another video that I'm going to post in a couple of days. It's CLASSIC Dad humor.

Kevin said...

I will say that the 1986 Braves got robbed in the championship against the Angels by a bad call, but I think Dad still got the coach of the year award for the 13 year old Babe Ruth league for all Southwest Bako, a rare and distinguished award for which he has received little subsequent recognition.

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