Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Ballet, beautiful grandchildren, beautiful mountains. . . . .just plain beautiful!!

June is recital time and I LOVE it. LOVE it. Brings back so many fond memories of my girls and the hours of rehearsal, make-up, costumes, etc. (Bella and Tasha's recital is in July and yes, there will be more pictures) I could insert photos circa 1980's but I shall resist, for now.

Here's little Miss Liesl ( mini-Becca) at her recital. ::wiping a tear from my eye::

And in Oregon this beautiful ballerina, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, was performing. Some dancers enjoy dancing, love it even. But then there are those that are BORN to dance. It's like the music becomes a part of them and they are the story. Tears welled up as I watched Christine dance. Gave me chills.

Can you tell she's now taller than her mom?

And then there was this little "dragonfly". She was adorable with a smile that beamed.

I do love my ballerinas.

Papa would have been so proud.

On to other attractions. First time visiting Crater Lake. Unbelievable.

Yup--still lots of snow up there. Rachel striking her pose.
The color of the water is amazing.

And Mt. Ashland
That's Mt. Shasta way in the background.

Other points of interest--Kevin and Tracey moved in to a new house two weeks ago and it's wonderful for their family. More room for 5 kids and all their talents and interests. They've worked very hard for a long time and I'm so happy for them.

An awesome kitchen,
The great room and much more. I took tons of pictures but won't post them all.

Ricky and Rachel's favorite spot--snacks at the fountain.

One corner of the back yard.

All in all, it was a great visit and I miss them already.


gelly said...

What a fun trip! I have heard that all these ballerinas are super talented, and they ARE beautiful! Yay for Kevin & Tracey getting into a new home--it looks awesome! Glad you are having a fun summer. Love you!

Memzy said...

How gorgeous is that lake?!!! Glad your trip was so fun!!