Sunday, June 26, 2011

June is full of birthdays.

First it's Charlie who turned 7 (going on 12). Charlie is one of the funniest 7 year olds I know. The things that come out of his mouth are usually very entertaining.

Example#1: While swimming in the hotel pool on vacation, Sherod asked Charlie if he wanted to be thrown in the air . He did NOT. Sherod, "Why Charlie, you used to love it". Charlie, "People change".

Example #2: Yesterday at Emily's soccer game (see below) Rue wiggled out of her harness and ran away. I could see this unfold in the distance and knew he was hysterical. He came running across the park (almost colliding with soccer players on the field) . Sherod cut him off--sent him over to me--and went to retrieve the dog. Charlie was sobbing, devastated and knew the dog was lost forever. I reassured him, "Don't worry, Rue has a gps computer chip that will tell us where she is and we will most certainly find her." Charlie sobbing loudly, "But does my Dad have an app for that". Hilarious.

He had a great birthday.

Owen turned 9 and ALL he wanted was an I-touch. His parents educated him on how much they cost and that he would have to save his money. He then asked both sets of grandparents if "cash" would be his birthday present. Sure--no problem. Mom and dad made up the rest and he was THRILLED!!!

Liesl's 7th birthday is tomorrow and she's psyched. Report will come later.

Emily's 36th birthday did not slow her down AT ALL. She plays in a community co-ed soccer league and loves it. I watched the game last night and was thoroughly entertained. Sherod is the team's motivational half time speaker. Last nights pep talk came from the movie "Any Given Sunday" with Al Pacino. Can you say AWESOME. He knows how to pump up the team and they only lost by 2.

Do NOT mess with this chick.

Sooooo close!!

There is no sacrifice too great.
And last but not least--Cris' mother (Gramma Rogers) 90th birthday is June 30th. She lives in Virginia close to John and he takes such good care of her. He just took her to England for two weeks and they had a great trip. She's in good health and enjoying life. Happy Birthday Mom.


Memzy said...

Srsly. So much going on in June!!! Yes I've learned that a thirty six yr old should not attempt to play soccer like her 16 yr old body could. Well played AV. Well played.

Shed said...

Sweet sweet June. This month would be only half of fun without you Carol. Good times.

Janna said...

I'm so glad you posted Sherod's speech. It's the only reason I go to the games and I missed this last one. Great times!