Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Never a Dull Moment around here. . . . . .

I present to you---Skeeter--in the blue chair, circa 15 years ago. He thought he owned it and it was his favorite place to lounge.

Fast forward to yesterday. WHAT the HECK?? I was giving design/decor advice to some friends (cuz I'm good at it) for thier high school film class. They're building an "apartment" in which to film and have gathered junk and furniture and needed some help. I walked in---and couldn't believe my eyes!!!! The BLUE CHAIR. We gave it to Memzy and Shed who used it for several years and they gave it away to who kows who!!! I will call this---"The circle of life". Still laughing about it.

As promised--Liesl's birthday pictures. She and I made the cake and her mom decorated it exactly as she requested. She loved it.

Art supplies for her birthday. Life is good when you're 7.

I think I'll call this photo "The Dog Whisperer". I think it speaks for itself.

And this is my little surfer dude all decked out and ready to play. He can't get any cuter.


gelly said...

Charlie IS hilarious. Jon loves hearing Memzy's "Charlie Tales."

Such cute grandkids--can't say that enough.

And Memzy is awesome for being on a soccer team! Wicked bruise--I'd hate to see what happened to the other guy.

Carol said...

Thanks Gelly. BTW--Your blog won't let me comment. Kicks me off and makes me sign in again every time. No success. Any suggestions?