Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fourth of July Week and beyond. . . . . .

Who doesn't love fireworks? Certainly not this little boy. Excitement times 10.
Riley was in charge of "lighting" the above fireworks and he did a great job. No children were injured during this activity. We had fun swimming, eating and generally celebrating.

Fast forward to yesterday. Nick and the girls arrived for a weekend of fun and cousin bonding. Some of you may remember last year at this time-------we all gathered together for a sweet time for a few days before Cris passed away. I decided it would feel good to repeat the bouncy house/water slide in the back yard. Not all cousins were here but we still had fun.

This one does NOT like water activities but DOES like ice cream.

Here's the group minus Clara who fell asleep on my bed.

We did crafts----lots of crafts.

I LOVED every minute of it.

Who doesn't love American Girl dolls? Nobody.

Such good buds.

The princesses.

The bouncy house/water slide.

We visited the cemetery this morning.

Look at that face. . . . . . makes me smile.


Br Boys said...

I'm glad you filled the week with the grandkids...I hope i made it a little you much!

gelly said...

Great post! UV is definitely missed. Loved the picture of him.

You are the coolest grandma ever, pullin' out all the stops with a bouncy slide! Cool...

Anonymous said...

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Memzy said...

So!! Much!! Fun!! Thanks again mom.