Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hurray for Gramma Decker--We love you!!!!!

So here's why Cris and I went to Rexburg last week:
1) We wanted to see Gramma Decker with our own eyes and make sure she was OK.
2) We wanted to help Patty and Howard in some way.

Get your scrolling finger ready and enjoy the ride. . . . . . . . .

Gramma Decker is feeling much better and getting stronger every day. She took a really big hit with her surgery/illness and for the first time--didn't land on her feet very fast. She was on antibiotics and compazine (for nausea) for over 3 weeks. Come on--that's just torture!! It took all the life out of her and she was basically a small, cute, zombie trying to hold on. She still managed to talk on her cell phone--she wasn't complete dead. Once she finished the meds, she began to perk up a bit. She is still very weak and eats like a bird, but every couple of hours she gets up and does the loop around the house with her walker.
Jack and Janice decided to come from Boise to Rexburg and visit Gramma and us on their way to SLC. It was really good to see them.

Can I tell you how cold it was in Rexburg? Yah--that's how cold it was.

This is our rental car in the driveway. Yes, folks, that's how much snow is in their front yard.

My sister, Patty, is in charge of the costume shop at BYU-Idaho and it's a really sweet set-up. She designs, runs a crew of seamstresses and manages hundreds of costumes. It's a state of the art facility. This is her office.

This is just ONE of the isles of costumes. Each section holds period costumes, etc. and can be moved back and forth etc. via a button. Hard to explain but really cool.
The new Rexburg Temple at night. Really beautiful.

OK--don't' be scared--this is a picture of my mom's perforated ulcer at the beginning of the small intestine. Left picture, red spot. Cool isn't it.

Don't' be grossed out. These are about 1/4 of the gall stones found in her gall bladder. Not the source of her problems but they took them out anyway. I put my hand there for scale. Patty thought we should make her a bracelet out of those rocks. Not a good idea.

To summarize; We had a great time. We're really glad we made the trip. Traveling can be challenging with our circumstances but we did well. The worst part was the drive home from LAX last night. Took 4 hours instead of the usual 1 hr 45 min. Pouring rain, stop and go traffic most of the way. Nightmare.
Again, we are so very grateful to Patty and Howard for their loving care for Gramma Decker. Howard gets up a couple of times each night to check on her and take care of her needs. Not many son-in-laws would do that. Patty makes her life happy and comfortable. We never know how much time we will have with our loved ones and must count each day as a blessing.
I love you Mom.


Katie said...

You had me at pictures of gall stones. I had my gall bladder removed at the tender age of 21. Grandma Decker and I have a kinship that is going to freak her out if I ever meet her, and then proceed to talk to her like she should know who I am.

gelly said...

I love the first picture of Gramma with her sippy-cup! Glad you had fun!

Carol said...

Katie--You know of what you speak. Gall stones--BAD. Katie-----GOOD. If you ever meet her you will love her. . . .as I will you. . . if ever.

Memzy said...

It looks like she nailed it on her walking laps. She looks great! Better than I thought. Hope she is doing well and enjoying her daily dose of sippy cup.

Jenny ESP said...

Those gall stones are amazing. Maybe you could get her a small fish tank and sprinkle them along the bottom? She does look really good. Does she do her own hair and makeup?

PS. My grandma seemed to be doing well when I was in Bako. She tired a lot, though.