Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend with Gramma and Papa

Valentine's Day/week is a great holiday for many reasons. It's not complicated, sweets are the main attraction and showing love to each other is fun. We started with Charlie and Liesl on Friday "baking day". I'm not sure why Charlie felt the flashlight was important during this activity--but whatever.

They were very proud of the finished product. Siblings have school parties, preschoolers get to bake with Gramma.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Nick, Bella and Tasha came for a short visit and boy did we have fun. We started with the girls favorite breakfast--bacon, eggs and puff pancakes.

Then all the local cousins arrived for a home made playdough party. Recipe to follow--it's a classic.

Next it was Rusty's Pizza for lunch.

Then to "The Wild Side" for an afternoon of bouncy house fun. The kids had a great time and played hard for a couple of hours. Bella taking a break with her dad.

Last stop--Memzy's for ice cream. It doesn't get much better than that.

Home made Playdough:
1 cup water
1/2 cup salt
1 TBl oil
bring to a boil and boil for 2 min.
take off heat and add 2 tsp cream of tartar and food coloring. Mix well
Add 1 cup flour. Stir with wooden spoon. Dump out on to counter/bread board. It will look terrible but as you knead the dough it becomes shiny and smooth.


Memzy said...

I'm glad you posted that recipe because I've lost it 11 teen times. The weekend was RAD.

Katie said...

You are such a good grandma. And not only does that day look fun, but tasty too.


What a fun Valentine's Day. I am jealous!! So glad everyone had a nice time. I love the cookies and the heart cake. Thanks for the playdough receipe. I would love to try that. Your grandchildren are just beautiful, handsome and wonderful.

Landee said...

Looks tasty vittles as usual! Howz the gym treating you? I'm thinking day-by-day recaps are in order.

Jenny ESP said...

I think I gained about 5 lbs. via recipes from Memzy that were via you. Thank goodness the play dough is non-eatable. Is it the non-gritty kind, too?

kristi said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while, but your comment on Emily's had me in hysterics!
You always do the cutest grandmotherly things. Your grandkids are VERY fortunate!
I know the dirt on personal trainers and they can be tough, but that's kind of their job. Just don't go easy on them, either. It goes 2 ways, you know.