Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rickster taking the fast way down.--and my take on AI

Kevin's youngest--Ricky--will be two years old on March 8th. We don't really want him to grow up but he has other ideas. Case in point. . . . . . .the following video.

P.S. (10:30 PST) I have just finished watching American Idol via DVR. Watched a 2 hour show in 1 hour!!! Hurray for DVR. I took notes and am fully prepared to discuss, give opinions, nick names, the whole deal. I am not doing it tonight out of respect for those of you who haven't watched it yet. Get to it--tomorrow morning my review will be posted. Normally I am not even interested until we get to the final 12 but after listening to Lululandeelu's podcast last Friday---I'm all over it.

OK people--this is how I see it. Just my opinion. Let's hear what you think.

1. Jasmine/mediocre girl. Nickname—Jasmine shmasmine. Forgettable vote NO
2. Matt –dueling piano guy sang Viva la Vita—performance was OK but not outstanding. Still—I like him. Vote YES
3. Jeanine—bar tender girl/I must be sexy. Very flat vocals Vote NO
4. Nick Mitchell/Norman gentle. Holly Cowabunga. Who the heck is this guy? The judges nailed it. Jerry Lewis Vote NO
5. Allison Irahetta—let’s call her RED. A screamer to be sure. Did OK. Kindof liked her. Vote YES
6. Kris Allen—guitar guy. Sang Man in the Mirror. Undecided on this one.
7. Megan Joy Corkrey I liked her a lot but my retinas were burning from looking at the tattoo. And what the heck was she doing with her arms. Still—Vote YES
8. Matt Breitzhie—welder guy. Nice guy. Boring song. Not impressed Vote NO
9. Jessie Langseth—single mom Fergie wannabe. Sang Better Davis Eyes and did a good job. I liked her. Vote YES
10. Kai Kalama. Me not impressed. Vote NO
11. Mishavonna-madonna-come-onna. Sang Drops of Jupiter. Liked her. Vote YES
12. Adam Lambert—Broadway bound guy. Is he a rocker? Is he a show tune kinda guy? He belted it out pretty good. Liked his voice. His sweetie pie-ness was apparent—you know what I mean. Judges compared him to EDWARD? Undecided.


Katie said...

Oh, my Atticus will be two on March 3rd. I am going to teach him this trick...the the turn in our stairs might be tricky.

Memzy said...

It looks like the bait was some chocolate chips? Sooo Kevin.

Carol said...

Kevin--cholate chips
Hmmmmmmmm--which one was it?

Landee said...

I think the bait was black beans.

I want to go down the stairs like that. I'll try it tomorrow.

So glad to have inspired you to jump on the AI train a little earlier this year! You won't regret it. I'm excited for your commentary. Let me know what I can and cannot use in my podcast tomorrow night.

Jenny ESP said...

Whoa, that was fast! And no carpet burn?

I can't WAIT to read what you thought about AI.

Landee said...

The Edward reference swayed some, it put me over the edge to the NO category. I concur with most of your assessments. I will say, however, had you seen NG from the get-go he would have wormed his way into your heart as he has mine.

Jenny ESP said...

Excellent wrap up. You would probably "get" NG better if you saw him from day one. His anticlimactic ending was hysterical! "me." Ha!

Yeah, Edward/Adam was on Broadway, in Wicked. I give him more credit cuz he's aware of the fact that he's a little dramatic, as his tape piece showed, and he's working on it. I love him, voted for him a brazillian times.

Memzy said...

I lurved the Edward reference. But not necessarily cuz he looks like him. But cuz he reminds ANYONE of Twilight.

Hot Pants said...

I'm gonna admit, I didn't vote. By the time I watched the taped show, it was too late. I am at peace with the outcome though. It only took 3 diet cokes.