Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our East Coast loved ones came to visit.

Cris' brother, John, and his two daughters, Cathy and Jillian came for a visit this week. It was so good to see them and we had a great time.

Memzy made a pre-birthday cake for Uncle John.
Cathleen and Jillian. Beautiful girls, inside and out.
Of course we had to take them to Dewars. You can't visit Bakersfield without going to Dewars for ice cream. It's mandatory.
The other big news of the week. . . . .drum roll please. . . . . .Cris got his new power wheelchair!!! This beautiful chair came with mixed emotions. Grateful to have it--wish he didn't need it. Now here's my question. Why does this buggy cost so much (you don't want to know). Kudo's to our insurance company--love them. It doesn't have a windshield or windshield wipers, no turn signals, no radio or CD player. So what's up? It's kind of like a transformer robot---you know--one minute you're sitting, the next minute it's a sky chair raising you up. (Sky chair is a reference to a game Cris used to play with the kids when they were toddlers) The computer screen lets you do all kinds of things, forward, back, round and round. It's really quite awesome.

We are currently accepting suggestions on how we can accessorize/decorate/flamboyantize it. This will be for amusement purposes only--he plans to keep as low a profile as possible while in it. I say he needs flags, a squeezer horn and side mirrors.

These are the technicians delivering, adjusting, instructing. Click on this picture to make it big and marvel at the intricacies of the machine.


Memzy said...

Fun with Jillian and Cathy and John!

I've said it all along:

flames painted along the side.

Memzy said...

AND some glitter! Fer super duh

Jenny ESP said...

What kind of flag? Maybe a jolly roger. That would make people steer clear when he's coming through.

And could the rumors be true? Is there a LV visit in your future? Text me.

Katie said...

You know what that chair umbrella, and some racing stripes. Maybe a basket, and some streamers on the handlebars. Can you get a cool horn for it? You know, the kind that plays a song?

Are you going to las Vegas too? Or is it just the coolest mom ever, that is making the trek?

Becca said...

The picture of John blowing out the candles really sums him up doesn't it? I love it.

Can we get a reverse signal for dad's know like on trucks so that Clara can be alerted if she happens to be hanging out behind him. I'm sure Dad would LOVE it!

Carol said...

All suggestions are great! I love the flames on the side (sorry, no glitter--tto girly). Streamers on the handlebars would be awesome and a horn that plays, say. . . ."I was born in the USA?". And the back up beeping--why didn't I think of that.

Landee said...

That dune buggy UV is riding around in now is TDF!!!! I'd suggest a siren for when he's really in a hurry racing around Trader Joe's. People will get out of his way in a jiffy.

Urmston Mom said...

Pleae, please, please let me make some stickers for the MAN CHAIR. You decide what you want and I will make it.