Monday, March 23, 2009

Princess Clara turns ONE!!--Updated video

THIS JUST IN!!!! Clara has learned to walk and Aunt Memzy was her best cheerleader. Enjoy

It's Clara's birthday and her mommy made a beautiful cake for her. She gets to eat the top heart all by herself.

What is this? What am I 'sposed to do with it? Can I touch it?

Mommy is introducing "Sugar Heaven" to this little birthday girl.
Hmmmm. Not bad. I think I like it.

I LOVE IT!! Thanks mom.

Happy Birthday Clara. We love you very much. Gramma and Papa


Flem said...

Yay! I feel like I know this little girl (and the food in her life thanks to Memz!) that cake looks divine and I kinda want some cake now.

BTW thanks for the advice about enabling--that strikes my heart as a teacher type.

Memzy said...

I'm such a good coach!!

Memzy said...

Oh and notice how tight her little shirt is in the vid. That was AFTER her cake eating fest.

Katie said...

She is getting big so fast! I too feel attached to this little one.

If I had Memzy around to coach me like that, i would get so much done. "Come and do the dishes." That would be awesome.

Jenny ESP said...

So stickin' adorabblie!! Memzy too. She stole the show in that video.