Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun changes at our house.

It's time people--it's been time for several years. We're taking out all the carpet in the house and replacing with laminate wood flooring. It's a thing of beauty. These are the "during" pictures--the "finished" pictures will be sometime next week.

All floors stripped down to the concrete. I'm a clean person--I vacuum, have the carpets professionally cleaned twice a year--and yet there was still lots of dirt under the padding. Gross! I was prepared for this. People told me it was normal. Still gross.

We decided to raise the living room floor to match the rest of the house both for practical purposes and for style. I watch a lot of HGTV--I know what's in. . . plus I have Memzy and Becca.

Good bye sunken living room.

You can see the beautiful floors in the family room and living room. Great huh? Doing new floors is like moving. . . .in place. Not easy--very messy. Furniture has to be shuffled from room to room.

This is where Cris has been sleeping the last 4 nights. I call it his man-cave. I'm on a mattress on the floor in our bedroom. Once we had furniture piled up--there was no moving it.

A few more days and we'll be able to put everything back together. More pictures then. Never a dull moment at our house.


Landee said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I can tell already that those new floors are gonna be gorgeous!!! Fresh, clean & beautimous. Yes... exactly like moving but then you don't have to find new dentists and make your kids cry. THAT is a thing of beauty.

Memzy said...

Do you remember when my fridge was in my family room? Total nightmare/fun. They look a. Maze. Ing.

Katie said...

I went through that, and fingers crossed, will go through it again. When you put your husband on the job, it takes about 3 months, so consider yourself lucky.

It looks so nice already, and I love seeing people's stuff out like that. It feels like snooping. That is something I've always wanted to do, but never had the guts to.

Jenny ESP said...

We had our hardwood floor torn out and replaced while we were living here. It was a nightmare. I will never do that again. I'll look forward to the after pictures. So, did you go with the beveled edges or the straight edge?

Carol said...

Jespy, We went with the flat edge and I'm happy with it.