Monday, May 4, 2009

Papa's new conversion van

We finally found the perfect conversion van for Cris. We looked for about a month and found this 2005 super robot van in Fresno. Memzy and Shed drove to Fresno and picked it up for us on Saturday. We really appreciate their help.
It's got all kinds of buttons that do cool stuff. The door opens, the ramp come out and presto--you can drive right up inside.

The first ride. . . .sweet. . . . .center it, center it. . . .don't fall off the side. . . . .gooooood.
And up he goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applause please.

Sorry about the sideways video. I couldn't figure out how to correct that problem. This van has come at a perfect time. We really needed it and it will make things so much better for both of us. We are very grateful, very grateful. Love to all. Life is good.


Memzy said...

That is, by far, the cutest thing I've ever seen. Uncle Visor rawks that like its HAWT.

Urmston Mom said...

lookin' so hot in the suped van

gelly said...

Uncle Cris-
When you give in and decide to paint flames on your super chair, you should paint matching flames on the van! Not that you need flames to be cool, cause Memzy's right-you are rockin' it!

Br Boys said...

I thought it was a really big van. It's just a little one. I love mini vans. Those sliding doors that open by themselves...(stopping to drowl) I LOVE THEM.

Hot Pants said...

You just did the impossible! You made a mini-van look cool.

Landee said...

I knew ^^^ was anti-minivan.

LOVE IT YOU GIZE!!!!!! And so there is no front seat so Uncle Visor can always ride shotgun? Perfecto.

I can't wait to ride in it someday.

Carol said...

Fun comments. . . .and yes. . .it's a hawt car. It's true, I shy away from mini vans but his one is slick and works for us. Yes, Uncle Visor rides up front, shotgun style. We're rockin in Bakersfield.

Jenny ESP said...

That is awesome!!! You know, I've always wanted a mini van. I just don't have enough self respect to get one. (<--according to Landee and Memzy)