Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It was Charlie's turn for a date with Gramma

Charlie wanted a date this week so we decided Wednesday would be the day and cooking would be the fun. He asked for an apron so as not to get "sticky stuff" all over my clothes.

(This is how it looked on the cake pan box)
This is his version. . . .mighty good . . . .mighty good.
Some cooks make a pretty big mess but he's very good about cyeaning up after himself. (That is not a typo---that's how he says it).

When he was all done he noticed the floor was VERY wet and dirty. "Gramma, do you have a mop?" "Yes, Charlie, I do. . .would you like to use it?" "Yup"
There are no words for this one. . . . it speaks for itself.

As he rounded the corner, the TV caught his attention and it was all she wrote.


Shed said...

That's my boy!

Memzy said...

"tottayee yes". HA! Whycome he doesn't offer to clean MY floors?

Becca said...

Perfect example of why grandma dates are le crem de la l crem of life.

Landee said...

Oh, Charlie "wants a date" so Charlie gets a date?? What if I want one? He is soooooo spoiled. But Memzy has trained him well. I can tell that he has been beaten before for missing a spot.

Jenny ESP said...

Handsome and he cleans. That'll do. He'll make an excellent husband someday.