Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa

Today is Papa's 64 birthday. Did you know it takes TWO cakes to get 64 candles properly lit? The smoke alarm threatend to go off. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts, cards and phone calls. It was a great day.

"Gramma, Papa's arms don't work so I'll open his cards and presents for him, OK?
Owen and Liesl helped too.

Nifty neck pillow good for traveling, watching TV or sleeping.
He's showing off the features of his new chair. The kids reeeeeeaaalllyy want to drive it but federal and state laws prohibit it. (That's what we're telling them)


Becca said...

Awesome party! We had a great time. You really are conditioning our kids, though, to think that other people's birthday parties are for them. Happy 64 Papa! I don't know if you heard but 64 is the new 46.

SAS said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When I asked you at church how you were doing, you were supposed to tell me it was your day!!! I hope you had a great one, we love you!

Jann said...

Cris....did I make it in time to say Happy Birthday? I loved seeing the photos of you and the family. You are obviously a very dear Papa. have done a marvelous job with this blog. Such an attractive family, sweet sentiments, and cute humor. I admire your creativity...I feel artistic if I manage to get a photo on the fridge with a magnet.

Best to all of you...Jann

Memzy said...

Yummers cakes and ice cream!!! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Good times.

Landee said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Cris!!


Shi Thayed.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to one amazing man!

Jenny ESP said...

That there is a textbook pop-a-wheelie. UV has got some mad skills. Happy birthday!

gelly said...

Happy birthday Uncle Cris! It looks like you had a great day. Keep up the good work with the chair dancing--sensational talent! Love you lots!