Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's BEE careful everyone.

What the heck is this, you say? One huge swarming beehive in our back yard. The Gardner's knocked on the door today and said, "Ju habe a beeg beehibe in ju tree" (Spanglish)

Presto-pronto I call our pest control guy. He's there is one hour. Bless his little soul.

Yes, folks, that's a sack of bees in his hand. He scares them with a blast from his air hose. They drop into the bag. He closes the bag and runs to his truck. He said he will let them go in an orchard. I wanted him to kill them. but whatever.
He's giving me the thumbs up through the locked patio door. Not gonna open it for him. No sireey.


Memzy said...

Your Spanglish keels me. I can just hear it right now.

Oh and btw......freak!!!! Bees!!!

Jonesy said...

This actually brings back some fun memories - my dad kept bees when I was a kid and I watched him countless times as he first smoked the bees and then collected a random swarm from some poor soul's yard. Little did they (and you) know that beekeepers love this because it's "free-"bees" !!Some orange blossoms somewhere will be very happy to receive your donation !!

Hot Pants said...

I think it was a sign from God telling you to store more honey in your year supply of food storage.

Jenny ESP said...

Your Spanglish is spot on. And that beehive is huge!!! I can't believe ju never noticed.

See ya manana! (that means jumorrow)

Landee said...

You have "a pest control guy" like you have a dentist or a family doctor? What is goin on there in Bako?

I srsly cannot BEElieve the amount of bees you had kickin' there. UnBEElievable.