Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday with Clara

I volunteered to watch Liesl and Clara today while Becca worked in Owen's class. The operative word is "watch"--which I didn't for about 30 seconds. The result--an empty Kleenex box. She's sooooo fast.

Gramma--why did you put this bowbow on my head?

Actually, I look pretty cute!

OK--it's bugging me. . . . . .

Take it off!!! It's squeezing my head!!!! Somebody help me!!

Just kidding--I'm cool.


gelly said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! Those eyes! Those cheeks! Someone needs to enter this little girl in a beautiful baby contest!

Memzy said...

Thanks for picking up my slack AV. You're the best.

Carol said...

Gelly, Glad to see you commenting on the blog. YOU need to start blogging so we have good, up-to-date info on your exciting life. Pictures--I need pictures. Love you, Aunt Carol

Memzy, No problem. Loved it.

Katie said...

What? No food? Don't get me wrong, she is delicious, but I can't seem to separate he from indulgent food.

Jenny ESP said...

I'm drooling, even without the food. She is the spittin' image of you, ya know.