Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun times in Vegas/Henderson

We took a short trip to see Nick, Lori and the girls this week and had a great time. It's always fun to be with loved ones, especially beautiful grandchildren. I'm not biased--they're beautiful.

Natasha--8 1/2
Isabella 5 yrs. old.
Dinner at the "M"

Wednesday we went to the Springs Preserve--a desert animal habitat/museum. It was great. We ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. Great food.

Papa making friends with other wheelchair comrades.

A bonus--we met Jenny and family at Panera's in Henderson. It was so fun to meet these blogger/cousin/relatives/new friends. They are just as fun/cute/nice as everyone said they were. Their boys were a hoot--fun, funny and very well behaved. Strange thing though--they did not know about Panera's. They seem so techno savvy, smart, educated--how could they not know about Panera's. I called Emily and inquired, "How many cinnamon crunch bagels do you want us to bring you"? Her response, "As many as will fit in the back of your car". I rest my case.
I sort of wanted to steel those boys and bring them to Bakersfield with us.


Jenny ESP said...

It seems we Esplins can't take a picture with our eyes open. Geez. Thanks for sticking around and visiting with us, and thanks for lunch! You two were a lot of fun, as promised.

Katie said...

What is this about a cinnamon crunch bagel?

Isn't Jenny great?