Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day--Thanks to all Veterans

When the cousins get together--look out--lots of fun.
Just one more reason every family needs an iPhone, or two. IPhone light saber Star Wars battle.

Bella likes to set up her night stand at Gramma's house. Everything is JUST right.

There's nothing better than art projects. A little paper, some scissors . . .awesome.

This is a game called Bubblegum. Yeah--I don't know what it's all about either, but they seemed to enjoy it. See video below.

Somebody has an addiction. If it gets much worse, an intervention may be necessary.

One regret--I forgot to put up our flag. So sad, cuz I love our flag. Gratitude to all Veterans for your service to our country.


Memzy said...

It may be an addiction

An addiction to awesomeness.

Memzy said...

So fun

Landee said...

Never tried those Baked Lays. I see a possible list idea for a future podcast Memz.... "Diet Foods That are Worth Eating and Won't Make You Barf."

Looks like you had a fun weekend with Nick in town!

Hot Pants said...

Bubble gum is what you play to pick teams or figure out who's going to be "it" first. Played it many times with those Waite kids.
I can't believe Memzy let her kid run around with her precious iPhone in their hand. What if it had been dropped or thrown!?!? Detrimental!

Jenny ESP said...

Maybe I'll post that picture of me sitting on the couch all weekend in my pajamas. You'd love it.

Carol said...

Jespy, Yes--I want to see that photo.

Carol said...

Landee, Those are baked B-B-QUE Lays. And yes, she's addicted and nobody else is allowed to eat them. They're just Memzy's. The kids know this rule well.