Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June has been a fun month for us.

Get your scrolling fingers ready. This is a long one but well worth your time.
Video #1: Jack and Charlie having fun in our driveway.

Owen's T-ball games are so much fun. He loves to hit, catch and especially run.

Just helping out the opposing team. Good sportsmanship.

We decided to adventure out on a road trip to Oregon in our recently acquired conversion van. It went really well even though the drive was long. Cris handled traveling fairly well and I did not fall asleep at the wheel so all was good. We drove up in two half days but came home all in one day. Hard to say which was the best way to go.
This is Seth in action at his soccer tournament.

THIS . . .is what the sky looks like in Oregon. Beautiful!!

Saturday evening the girls had their spring ballet recital. Rachel did a beautiful job.

Christine danced three numbers and debuted "en pointe". Very impressive.

I think Rachel loved the flowers almost as much as dancing.

Two sweet sisters.

After the recital we had fun at Cold Stone Ice Creamery.

Ricky LOVES to ride on Papa's chair complete with seat belt.

Video #2: Ricky on Papa's chair.

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A friend of Kevin's built these two ramps so Cris could easily get up the steps to their front door. We REALLY appreciated it.

Relaxing on Sunday afternoon.

Beautiful Christine.

Video #3: Christine on the trampoline

The Lukester.

Super Seth, as we like to call him. It was a great visit and we're so glad we made the trip.


Memzy said...

I love that you are tech savvy enough to put up these vids. They are my favorite posts! Good updates.

Landee said...

You just up and head off to Oregon without telling me first? Rude!

Looks like a great time and adorable grandkids, of course!

Kim said...

^^^ coveting Christines costume.

Maybe someday Kevin will have a kid that looks like him.

Really cute/pretty kiddos they've got there! How many grandkiddies does that make for the Visahs now?