Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day festivities

It's amazing how kids can entertain themselves. Pick a few leaves off the trees, gather twigs and grapes and presto---instant imagination.
There is some serious hero worship goin' on here. Clara LOVES to sit by Riley at the piano.

Ahhhh--the gift that keeps on giving. A new iPod Nano. Sweeeeeeeet. I gave Cris the Nano--the kids gave him iTunes gift cards, headphones and awesome photos. Add hot fudge sundaes and you have a perfect day. Happy Father's Day to my sweetheart.


Memzy said...

Glad we could share in those festivities! He looks sooper hip with those head phones on too.

Kim said...

You are just askin for the wimmins to be wantin them a ride on the jazzy wazzy with him. They'll bring their own splitter and nothing good can come of that.

Very curious about what is on Uncle Visahs playlist.

Riley plus piano ekwals future Krisness.

Landee said...

Happy Father's Day Uncle Visor! Looks like he scored big time. I too am curious about what is on that playlist.... lemme guess... Black Eyed Peas and Flo-Rida?

Carol said...

His play list has just begun and consists mostly of Jazz. I plan to expand his horizons to include "Jewel", "Taylor Swift" and who knows what else. Gotta mix it up a bit.

Jenny ESP said...

Glad you had a good father's day in the Parks family. That video was so cute! You have some talented grand kids.