Thursday, June 4, 2009

This post is for you Memzy

So Shed and Memzy are out of town for a few days and the boys had a sleepover with Gramma and Papa last night. The college student "kid-sitter" takes over this afternoon.
Some how the topic of pirates inspired this creative idea from Jack.
We decided to see "Up" at the movie theater. It was sooooo good. The popcorn, cookies and bottled water contraband from home was also awesome.

One of my many "happy places".

"Gramma---can we see this movie next? Please, can we, can we? Mercy.

And yes, Gramma lets the blanket go to the movies also. It may need to be washed.

Someone ran out of gas at 3:30 this afternoon. Good luck miss college age kid-sitter. Gramma and Papa are going home now. Have fun.


Emily said...

How sweet! I'm convinced that you are the best grandma on the planet (sorry mom).

Memzy said...

Yay! I finally get to see the pics!! You are the best!!

Landee said...

Bliss bliss bliss all around.

You're the best AV! Just like your fictional counterpart.

Jenny ESP said...

We took the kids to see Up last night. You're right--it was soooo good. Thank goodness for those dark 3D glasses, I was able to just let those tears fall without anyone knowing.