Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just some of my favorite Trick or Treaters.

Natasha and Isabella--a beautiful fairy and Rapunzel.

The Rickster as "Rusteze"

Little Miss Caroline (Rachel) as a witch.

Tracey is a gorgeous gypsy but what is Christine?

Looks like Seth is a rapper.

Tracey and her punk rocker dude.

Liesl as an angel and Clara as a cute witch.

Question: How many parents sneak candy from their kids stash? Lots!!


Memzy said...

I've already told Kevin that I'll be in therapy soon for mullet nightmares. And it's obvious Christine is a HeffaloompaLoompa. Doyee.

Memzy said...

This reminds me I need to get my Halloween pics up.

gelly said...

lol LOVE Kevin with a mullet! Cute kids and grandkids!
But where is your costume???

Landee said...

It is a parental right to eat their kids' candy. Kids shouldn't eat that much candy anyway.

Fun costume pics! Kevin's mullet is.... um.

Jenny ESP said...

Aw, so cute! We had such a lazy Halloween this year.

Anonymous said...

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Jack Quilts said...

Good stuff!

Memzy said...

He has a BLOG!!!!^^^^

Carol said...

YES--Jack has a blog!!!!! I just read it and it's great. Tried to find a place to leave a comment--unsuccessfully. Can you fix that? and BTW--his quilts are out of this world.