Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

Super fun weekend. Memzy and company (not kids) went to Vegas to run the "Regnar" (can't wait for her post) and I was having fun with Jack (also Charlie a bit cuz him was sick and needed Gramma). Nick and the girls came for a visit and let's just say--We had a blast!!!! I took these people to "Disney on Ice" and our seats were 5 rows from the ice!!! 5 rows!!! I thought Liesl was going to have a stroke every time a princess skated by and waved at her. "She can see me--she waved to ME".
Great show.

We celebrated Becca's birthday with special food, cake and decorations. Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter/wife and mother. And then we visited Cris' grave and planted flowers. I love spending time with Bella and Tasha and miss them when they leave. It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone.


Memzy said...

Oh my goodness. Jack had the time of his life!!

thelma said...

very cute!!!

Jenny ESP said...

You have some lucky grandkids.

Cute said...

Hi, I'm Korean
Nice to meet you *^^*
South Korea will introduce natural soap haha

Good for sensitive skin