Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shopping Savvy

I tried a new hair dresser/Salon last Friday and although I really like the new girl and her cut--the color/weave is too blond for my taste. Others say it's fine--but I'm not sold. Anywho--I saw a purse at this salon that was darling times 10 but decided I didn't want to spend that much money, so I passed.

Tonight I decided to take a swing through Marshall's and look what I found!! Isn't she pretty? And my new wallet is edgy/quirky and adorable. I'm so happy. Marshalls rocks.

These little angels are coming this weekend for a visit and we're going to "Disney on Ice"! I'm excited.


Landee said...

How do they make ice in Bako?? This isn't computing. Loooooove the purse! You are such a fashionista. Pics of the possibly too blonde highlights. I need to judge for myself.

gelly said...

Your purse and wallet are totally hott. Makes me want to swing by a Marshalls and find a treasure.

thelma said...

love the purse, hope u had fun on disney on ice.... i wanna see a pic of ur new do i bet it is beautiful for such a pretty lady!!! miss u x0x0x0x

Jenny ESP said...

I need you to pick out my next purse. That's adorable! Mine is too manly.