Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging--Day Two

Don't expect a new post every day--unless I become addicted. Today's news: the fridge is fixed to the tune of $213.65. Some say we should be grateful it wasn't more--some say a refrigerator should last longer than 3 years. Especially the uber (is that how you spell it?) expensive kind with the shiny silver skin. All I'm sayin' is I'm glad it's fixed and my ice cream and Cris' Pepsi are happy again. Let's focus on the important stuff, right? It took the repairmen 2 trips today and two new mother boards before we heard the sweet purr of the fan and the temp. started going down. Everyone is OK now. I was blessed to be born in modern times with electricity, etc. Would not have been a cheerful pioneer.

I took Riley, Jack and Charlie on a date one last time before school starts. They chose Borders Book Store and to my surprise Riley and Jack already had books in mind. Riley wanted The Hobbit and Jack wanted "Judy something Jones". Charlie is another story. "Gramma, can you help me find a really freaky book with scary stuff and I don't want a coloring book--they are not freaky". This is how our conversations go. It took many tries before he found the right scary dinosaur book--scary teeth included. Then it was to the donut shop for a treat and that was all the fun we could have for one day. We came back to our house where Charlie immediately navigated my computer to Nick Jr. and began playing his games. He's 4 people!

Here's some really fun news: I went to my new Allergist (Eric Boron--graduated with Kevin) for skin testing. If you have never had this done before--it's really fun. They prick your back 80 times with different "juice" and then you wait about 20 minutes to see what happens. What happens isssssssssss--your back bubbles up and the itching begins in earnest. "Don't touch" just wait. Then they see a few that did not react very much so they inject (with a small needle--not a prickly thing) 21 spots on your upper arm. Now this is more fun because you can see the bubbles as they develop. This actually makes your brain think they itch more that your back did but probably not. Some of these babies were the size of quarters so I'm thinkin' my result report is going to be interesting. All is well now--it's over--NBD (please refer to previous post for definition of NBD)

Signing off with a song: "Happy Birthday to Sherod, etc. etc."


Memzy said...

Oh, I will most definitely be expecting a new post every day considering all the "activities" you do with your grandkids. And you WILL become addicted, just plan for that. I mean, look at Tiff's site already!! So, maybe she will let us borrow her laptop next week at the reunion to check on "things" here.

ps. As we got in the car to come home today Char Char said, "That was the funnest activity EVER mom. We had a gwate time." So, yeeeah. They are spoiled ::pointing finger accusingly at their gramma::

Memzy said...

pss. I can empathize with your itching, as you know.

Tiffany said...

So, did they tell you what they were pricking you with so you could watch the reaction? And srsly, are there really 80 something things out there that people are allergic to? That is insanity. "Mkay, now I'm going to prick you with a little bit of Milk Duds.... hmmm...interesting... now some baby powder... wow... k..." That sounds horrific. Keep us posted on the results. ::crossing fingers that you aren't allergic to Jaimoca Almond Fudge::

quesetescapa said...

Hi you! Welcome to blogging... oh in case it takes you a while to figure it out, its Lee Ann I just have a wacky username.

- Junie B Jones. My daughter loves it too! I am pointing my finger accusingly at Emily for having such an awesome mom who would pack up all three grandkids and take them to Borders for fun...

-As for the allergy testing I hear it is worth it to have them narrow it down and give you shots- my MIL swears by her shots and says it changed her life and she is not really a positive person so... must be true.