Monday, August 25, 2008

Families are wonderful

So, we got home yesterday from the Jeppson Family reunion in McCall, Idaho. We walked in the door at 1:07 P.M. and I had my PJ's on by 1:30--made some lunch and then took a nap. We played very hard for 5 days and had a ball. It was great to see my Mom and siblings, nieces and nephews and the 4th generation kids--over 120 all together. I'll give you the short version: Cabins, lodge, beach, boats, skiing, zip line, climbing wall, horses, wagon rides, eating, bon fires, talent show, awesome pinewood derby racing, auction (made lots of money for the next reunion), laughing, talking, playing. That's about it. The facility in amazing with lots of things to do and room to play. Cousin kids made new friends and it was sad to say goodbye yet again. Everyone was so happy to see Cris doing so well and we had lots of help available when needed. It was great.

As the second generation reaches their 50's and 60's we are touched by the love we share with each other and our children, nieces and nephews (3rd generation). Then there's the 4th generation of super kids. To watch them connect and feel the bond with all 4 generations is very heartwarming. And all because my Mom, Gramma Decker, found the gospel at age 18 and was baptised. There are now over 200 of her posterity enjoying the blessings of the gospel and feeling her influence every day.

Life IS good!! Enjoy the pictures. I've tried to pick just a few.


Br Boys said...

I'm glad your home! I've missed your blogging! I know I'm not a Jeppson, but with over 100 people there no one would notice if long lost cousin Amy showed up to the next one right?

Landeelu said...

Just so you know, I'll be directing people over here for more pictures of the big reoon. I loved spending time with you though not enough in my opinion! I'm crossing my fingers that some day NONE of your kids will be able to go so you'll have only Gty & I to hang out with. Just kidding! (not really).