Monday, August 11, 2008

OK--so the first time didn't take completely. To continue:

1. I'm in my Jaimoca Almond Fudge phase. Usually I'm eating watermellon all summer long but not so much this year.
2. Cris must have his Pepsi/Diet Pepsi 1/2 and 1/2 or the day isn't complete. Water is tasteless so why drink it?
3. We need to see grand kids every day--well almost every day--or we're a little grumpy.
4. We are heading down to Cedars to the ALS clinic on Wednesday for a follow up visit. They track his "decline" and offer support services. We are grateful that his decline is not fast. It's all relative--we're saying it's slow.
5. We're going to participate in the "Defeat ALS Walk" on October 3 and will have our own team "Parks PALS" More on that later.
6. We are very grateful for our family. Our kids and grand kids are the best and brightest and bring a lot of joy to our life.
7. Our very expensive 3 year old fridge went on the blink yesterday--repairman coming tomorrow--not happy about this. Luckily the Pepsi and the ice cream is in the outside fridge. Phew! That was close.


Keeping Up with the Joneses said...

Yea Carol !!! Welcome to this addictive world of blogging ! It's such a fun way to keep up and find people you haven't talked to in forever ! Tell Bishop Parks I'm a 1/2 diet - 1/2 regular soda drinker too. Amy used to laugh at me when I ordered it at a drive up window but now she does it for me !

Nick Parks said...

Great blog. Love it. I want to participate in the walk in October so send me the details. Bummer about the fridge...

Br Boys said...

I actually add way more regular soda than diet.(He, He) I second the 60 and fabulous comment!!