Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Oregon munchkins

So these pictures were taken in June on our Oregon trip. It was a GREAT trip with lots happening. We'll label this trip "Cousins Swap/Cris and Carol's Oregon Coast trip". The short version: We drove (with Riley) to Gold Beach, OR and met Kevin and family at an awesome beach house for the weekend. Thanks again Kevin for the great beach house. Tons of fun at Gold Beach. Then Riley went with Kevin's family to their house for the week while Cris and I drove up the Oregon Coast stopping at every lighthouse we could find. Awesome does not describe it. We ended up back at Kevin's house at the end of the week in time to see Christine's recital which was beautiful. There were lots of adventures but I won't elaborate. We then headed back to Bakersfield with Riley, Christine and Seth in tow so they could spend some cousin time with the Bakersfield group. At the end of that week, Emily and Sherod drove up to Kevin's returning his two. All-in-all it was great! We love these Oregon kids so much and the 9 hour drive is always worth it.

Our next trip is next week when we head to McCall, Idaho for the Jeppson Family Reunion. I will definitely have pictures and tales to tell when we get back.

Signing off with a song: Happy Birthday to my Mom--Gramma Decker--86 years young today.

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