Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Charlie's cooking day with Gramma

Today was Charlie's day to bake with Gramma and he of course chose cookies. He loves to crack the eggs and is getting more in the bowl than on the floor.
After the eggs he wants his hands wiped cuz they're slimy.
The best way to mix in the chocolate chips is with your hands. Spoons are not as much fun.
Mixing, mixing, mixing. Let me know when you're done Charlie.

The finished product. Yum, yum, yummers. Chocolate chip and stinkernoodles (snickerdoodles)


Memzy said...

He asked for a stindernoodle tonight after dinner. Hims luvs hims gramma.

Memzy said...

I meant "stinkernoodle", obviously.

Carol said...

Hims gramma love hims too. He brought so much sunshine in to our life today. He's one funny yitto boy.

Landeelu said...

Those cookies don't look creepy at all. What is up with that???

Memzy said...

^^She knows him so well.