Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I did on Labor Day

Rachel and Christine. Look at that face--now that little girl needs a princess quilt.
Quilt 3/4 complete. It takes math skills to make one of these babies.
Princesses all over the place.
Now that's what I'm talking about.

Our Labor Day was full of accomplishments and fun. We/I cleaned house, did 3 loads of laundry, did grocery shopping, had lunch at Leo's with Becca and family and then. . . . . . .I really had some fun. I've been learning how to make quilts the way my mom does. This is all done over the phone so sometimes things get lost in translation from verbal to actual. Here's the deal: at the kids auction at our reunion Rachel disolved in a heap of tears because she lost the bid for "The Princess Quilt". Now I cannot stand when my grandchildren are sad and I know I can fix it. So I hug and kiss her and tell her "Gramma will make you a Princess Quilt". "Gramma, do you know how to sew"? "Yes dear, I know how to sew". "Do you have a machine"? "Yes dear, I have a machine." So, I call my mom and ask her where she got the princess fabric and lo-and-behold----it's Walmart. Score the very next day. Here are pictures of my yet unfinished quilt. Another couple of days and it'll be ready to mail. Rachel has the memory of an elephant and KNOWS it's coming.

Tomorrow is Charlie's day for cooking with Gramma. Yes, there will be a report.


Memzy said...

11am. He'll bring his apron!

Landeelu said...

You need some kind of "World's Greatest Grandma" tiara or something. Maybe a custom made visor? I'll get on that straight away.


Carol said...

That's a great idea Landeelu. Get on that!