Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Little Miss Clara has decided sitting in a high chair is pretty big stuff. Liesl is her slave and must replace all toys chucked off the tray. Liesl does this with great patience and love for her baby sister. . . .for a few minutes and then she's done. They played with me while Becca took Owen to Charter school today and we had tons of fun. Miss Clara yuvs me berry much--Liels too.

So, Charlie arrives all excited with this greeting, "Gramma, are you just so glad to see me?"

Of course I am and after mom leaves we discuss our plans. He came with an alien costume to scare me--mission accomplished--then he decided we should make a different costume. We decided on the Ninja look below. Get a load of the lethal weapon.

He then spied some red fabric in my sewing closet and feels this would make a terrific Ninja cape. We cut, we sewed, he giggled with excitement. Then he spied a triangle piece of scrap fabric and said it would make a perfect Zelda hat. More weapons were stored in his Ninja belt. You may think this could double as a Little Red Riding Hood cape (Liesl's request for Halloween) but do not be confused. This is no Red Riding Hood--this is definite Ninja apparel.
He also felt he needed some decoration on his face to make him look more fierce. Notice the nutritious lunch with a back up sippy cup just in case.
Then the conversation goes like this: "Gwamma, how 'bout we have a Hayyoween Party for me at your house?" "Really, Charlie--how 'bout at your house?" "No sanks--yet's have it at your house. . . and we could have a scabenger hunt with cues and goody bags at the end. . . .and we could decorate the whole house. . .. and you could make Hayyoween cookies to decorate. . . . it would be great . . . . .and we could invite Yeesow and Owen and my odder new fwiend that I can't tell you his name. How 'bout that Gramma?"

And there you have it. This is how our play dates go.


Landee said...

That literally sounds exhausting. Do you know how many times I would have said "Um, no, we're not gonna do that today" or "Yeah, no. We don't play with that." or "Where the heck is your mom?"

Is there a website that I can nominate you for Gramma of the Year?

Carol said...

Not necessary. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it and believe me, not all play dates are like this. Because our life has changed so much, we now have time to have quality play dates and they cheer our hearts. Go ahead, send over one or two or three of your kids if you need a break. Be advised--I'm not an X Box officionado and could only entertain them if they were interested in the same guber stuff I am.

Shed said...

I came home from work today and saw Charlie standing in a ninja pose with a sword pointed at my face. He made it VERY clear that you "cut him a ninja costume."

I agree with Landee, you are Gramma of the year!

Memzy said...

He only asked me like 6 times on the way over "is gramma gonna be so happy to see me?". So,'s cute how he thinks he's doing YOU a favor. He wore that thing until bedtime by the way. I'm having your solid gold "Gram of the year" statue made as we speak.