Monday, September 22, 2008

I have questions for "Ask Memzie" and the "Domesticity for Dummies guru".

Question #1: Is it important to update and organize Cris' candy cupboard or should I just let the goodies flow in and out randomly? (I didn't even know we had those itty pack things until I took this picture.)

Question #2: Isn't it true that everyone has a junk drawer like this one or should I be ashamed?
BTW--that's Emily's radio shack calculator (under the stake directory) from her sophomore year in high school.

Question #3: How does one approach this problem---or can I ignore it since it's behind the TV, in the corner, up against the hearth where nobody ever goes except grandchildren playing hide-and-seek. Huh? Huh? I label this "media cord modern art". You can see that at one time I made an attempt to label them with blue tape. This did not work so I gave up. Now I just ask Sherod to come hook up all those cord thingies until we have sound and picture. Magic.

Question #4: I am a bit ashamed of this drawer. I call it, "How many Clinic lipsticks can you have in a drawer before it's called hording". I doubt company will be looking in this drawer anyway so I'll just keep them for my year's supply.


Landee said...

#1: Do NOT organize that cupboard. How will Uncle Visor find anything if you do?

#2: My junk drawer is 100x worser than that...nay 1,000,000x worser. I don't even like it being opened in my presence.

#3: A house with no Media Cord Modern Art is not a home. I think that's in the scriptures or something.

#4: You passed "hoarding" about 7 lipsticks ago. You are now considered an addict.

Memzy said...

#1: Let dad have his goodies cupboard. He finally just got used to this after having his candy cupboard taken away a few years back. Plus, my kids know where to find stuff so yeeah.

#2: You've seen my junk drawer right?

#3: You've seen my computer room cord art, right?

#4: You didn't know this but instead of buying lipsticks for myself I just to Aunt Visor's year supply for my makeup needs. Thanks for that. ::giggle::

Keeping Up with the Joneses said...

I aspire to your junk drawer Carol - I got real smart and put one of those silverware divider thingies in it, thinking this would help keep it organized, well now it's just junk in separate compartments with no order or meaning. And I still have to dig for a paper clip! MY Computer Cord Art is speckled with bits of stuff (empty toilet paper rolls, barbie "parts") that my doggies chew and then "bury" in the cords. I have little dogs and they're too lazy to bury things in real dirt. This is the closest they could come I guess ! I can't believe I just shared that !

Memzy said...

ps. Can I have my calculator back?

Carol said...

I don't know honey--how could we live without it?