Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rachel's happy day.

The finished princess quilt.

The package arrives.
And here's the princess on it.
Let's just say. . . . this is what being a gramma is all about. . . fun, fun, fun.


Memzy said...

Yeah, but wasn't the back sparkly?


Carol said...

Can you believe her pose? She's a little doll and full of it too. Luckily the sparkly back was translated in to "itchy" so she was OK with it.

Landee said...

Do you do these things because you WANT to or because you're kinda competing with the "other gramma?" 'Cuz I'd probably only do it for the sport. :)

Carol said...

Honey--there is no way the "other grammas" can compete with me. I know, it's prideful--but I always win. . . . seriously--I do it because it makes me happy.

Landee said...

Oh, I KNOW there is no competition! You crush them beneath your Gramma feet! I'm guessing they don't even try.