Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Change Things Up a Bit

So I decided to temporarily change the picture at the top of our blog. This picture was taken Labor Day 2006 when the family got together to gather strength and give hugs after Cris' ALS diagnosis. You can see we had a great time and accomplished our goal. I need to learn how to make a nifty collage like Tiff and others do--that will come. I decided to share just a few pictures today to illustrate how grandkids can make you smile.

#1 Liesl and Clara being the cutest sisters in California.

Tasha and Bella won the title of cutest sisters in Nevada.

Christine and Rachel took Oregon hands down.

Now the boys---Riley, Jack and Charlie and Owen tied for the California title. (That's my cute Mom, Gramma Decker)

Mr. Owen--big 1st grader.

Seth and Luke look like bestest brothers and along with Ricky won Oregon.
Ricky--Kevin and Tracey's #5.

So there you have it. Today's sunshine. Love to all, Carol


Nick Parks said...

Love the blog Mom. So fun to read! Love, Nick

Memzy said...

Lookie who's up THERE^^^^

I love the top picture. I should include that one in my next post of "memzy's unflattering pics". But my favorite other part of that pic is how everyone made a goofy face.............. Except Nick and Lori.

Br Boys said...

Best blog picture yet!!!!

Landee said...

LOVE the family picture!! That is definitely one of my all time faves. I too enjoy Nick & Lori's silly faces.

Would we be in the running for best grand nephews & niece in Colorado?

Carol said...

Affirmative--you're munchkins have won that award. Fer sure.

Landee said...

What if, like, Chris & Laural moved here or Annie or something... would we still win the award?

Carol said...