Friday, September 19, 2008

My contribution to Favorite Foto Friday

Landee's idea for Favorite Foto Friday is a good one and couldn't have come at a better time. Cris and I went to "The Great Kern County Fair" today for the specific purpose of gazing at the Photo Contest entries. Below is a sample of the very best we saw--all entered by our own Memzie. We also ate the once-a-year-fair-food and now have the stomach ache to show for it.

One proud father. "Riley in green won a 5th place ribbon.
"Luke at the beach" won honorable mention.
"Sand Boy" was just the cutest kid we saw.
Three handsome hunks. My favorite is in the middle.
This picture is one of mine--Liesl lost her 1st tooth at Gramma's house and we had to immediately make a tooth fairy pillow. It was awewome. (The dirty face is just pudding:)


Landee said...

Holy Cow!! Yours is Favorite FotoS Friday! Way to take it to the next level.

Congrats to Memzy on 5th place!

Memzy said...

I thought we were supposed to keep this on the "down low" mom. That means "a secret". Well, now at least I don't have to go there myself and check it out.

Tenney Family said...

carol, i found you. good one on outing em!! love the family pic on top. our fam also has a funny face we do for pics. its called the "retarded cobra".

Carol said...

Hey, nobody said anything to me about this being onthe "down low". Maybe I missed it. You still should go see them--they're GREAT!