Friday, October 17, 2008

FFF with some of my local peeps

Today we decided to make Halloween cupcakes and decorate them very scary. Please note the spiders, roaches, etc. and oh yeah--the byud (blood). And FYI--that's not lipstick Charlie's wearing--it's chocolate. Notice his pile of cupcakes--no frosting--need I say more? Liesl and Owen hung in there and decorated ALL of theirs asking, "Can we eat the rest of the frosting when we're done"? Good times!


Memzy said...

That's cuz frosting is only to eat,...not to put on cupcakes.

Br Boys said...

Did anyone want to actually EAT the cupcakes when they were done?

Carol said...

I sent them ALL home with kids. I had left over frosting which I dumped. Waaaayy too many kooties.