Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday is a special day (primary music in the background)

Well Folks--today was a great day for many reasons.
1. Nick and Lori and girls are here for the weekend
2. Nick wanted to spend all day at the hospital with his dad watching football which left me free to enjoy my little princesses. It was a wonderful gift.
3. The rest of us gathered at Em and Sherod's to watch the BYU football game. It was a major fun cousin time.
4. Riley gave me a foot massage as I lounged on their couch. Oh, if I only had a picture of that. I swear I almost fell asleep midst all the noise. (It was still much quieter than KMC)
5. The girls and I made cupcakes and ate a lot of frosting.
6. We took Chinese food up to Mercy and Cris LOVED civilian food. He's eating much better.
We are so thrilled to be at Mercy. It's clean, quiet, kind, nice, peaceful, clean, quiet, kind, nice, peaceful. Cris moved his body much more in the bed today--a good sign. He was able to use his hands a bit more too and was relieved to get back to channel surfing. I think he'll be there about a week or so and then re-evaluated. All good things.
Check out this cool zipper on his arm. Can you believe that thing?

Fun cousin time.

Who doesn't like cupcakes?

Papa with Nick, Lori and the girls. We are so happy they came for a visit.

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Br Boys said...

I'm so glad you showed the ZIPPER on the arm. No one ever shows us the good stuff. That was cool! I'm one of those that loves to watch the surgery shows. Robert not so much. He faints when he see that stuff.(giggle)Glad to hear you had a great day. Love you.