Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look who took a swan dive off an escalator

This is going to seem like an odd post--I agree--but sometimes you have to get your "therapy" wherever you can. Obviously I've chosen blogging as my therapy tonight. Some of you already know the story--others will be shocked, but here goes.

Yesterday Cris went to Sears to visit one of our home teaching people who work in the basement. He does not go 'solo' very often but wants to do what he can, while he can, so off he went to Sears. He stepped on the escalator to go down to the first floor, lost his balance, reached for the rail, couldn't hold on AND FELL OVER THE SIDE 23 FEET TO THE FLOOR BELOW. I know--I know!! It all happened so fast he didn't even have time to be scared. When he hit the floor he was stunned but did not lose consciousness. People ran to him (the clerk who witnessed the fall is permanently traumatized) and found him moaning. He told them his name, and gave them my cell number. I get the call--I can't believe what I'm hearing--I'm only 5 minutes away--I arrive in front of the paramedics thinking "I bet that's for him". I'm understandably upset. I hold it together until I am following the ambulance then I cut loose with a good cry. We spend 12 hours in the trauma bay at KMC and the result is:
Broken pelvis in two places but not displaced-that's a good thing.
Broken arm in two place just above the elbow.
No other injuries, no head injury, no spinal injury, nada.
Pain on the entire left side--that includes hair follicles.

He was to have surgery on the arm today (plate and screws) but the orthopods were too backed up with life threatening traumas so we wait patiently. They assure us tomorrow is the day. Then we take it a day at a time and hope to heal quickly.

Some funny comments: The EMT's came back to see him later in the day--still in the trauma bay--and report that the "judges as Sears gave him a 9.5 on his dive. He would have had a 10 but he didn't point his toes on the way down." Cris said he feels like a turtle stuck on his back--can't move a thing. His pain is successfully managed with morphine and we hope tomorrow is a better day.

We are very blessed that his injuries were not worse. We are so thankful to Emily and Becca for their support. It's been invaluable and kept me stable. We appreciate everyone who has expressed their love and prayers on our behalf.

This picture is pre-surgery, post morphine, mellow yellow. Stay tuned for updates from time to time. And yes, I did buy 2 quarts of Jaimoca Almond Fudge ice cream on the way home from the hospital last night. Hey--we all need our meds.


Landee said...

I have done nothing but think about this since the second I heard about it. We love you guys & are praying for you to be comforted. Maybe the ice cream was an answer to our prayers??

Jenny ESP said...

That sounds pretty terrifying for everyone involved. I could not imagine getting that phone call. I'm so glad you have some good support there. We'll be praying for uncle visor's speedy recovery.

Race Fam said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband! I am so glad he wasn't hurt worse. He is in my prayers. Lisa Race

Memzy said...

That elbow brace thingy looks VERY professionally done. (That's cuz I helped the ortho tech guy put that thing on.) ::giggle::

I'm really glad Becca and I can be here to help out. I'll see you later down at the hospital,...with food.

Jonesy said...

Did he do this to prove to my kids that they should not be playing on the escalator ? If I've told them once I've told them a thousand times - From now we can say "do you want to go to the hospital like Bishop Parks did when he was playing on the escaltor ?"

Jonesy said...

Get Well soon ! We're all praying for you both!!

Dawn said...

Escalators TERRIFY me. I'm HUGE on elevators, I am NEVER riding another escalator again, not even up which isn't as scary! Anyhow, lots of prayers for healing!

SAS said...

I am so sorry this happened! OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! I can't imagine, but I do know from experience Morphine will make it all go away for awhile :). Please call me and let me help you. Lunch, dinner something. Walk around the hospital. You have helped me so many times! We are praying, and I agree with Jonesy--thanks for the great lesson on elevator safety!

Shed said...

To quote Jason, "God couldn't stop Cris from getting onto that escalator but He could stop Cris from landing on his head."

Love you guys!

Emily said...

Darnit!! I'm so sorry to hear about this. You have one tough husband, that's for sure! You are all in our prayers. ((HUGS))

Br Boys said...

Hey 9.5 is pretty good, he has to be proud of that!! Love you and I will call you later!