Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One More Prom Picture--Cris 1963 !!

Now THIS is a cute prom picture, only I don't like the person on the left. She's old news anyway. But you can see how cute Cris is-----Oh Yeah!


Memzy said...

How'd you get Kevin to pose just like Dad for that picture?

And I can't believe you are still up.

Landee said...

I would have been crushin' hard on that guy... had I not been 12 years in the making at the time!

Sorry, but her dress is adorable. I'm sure she is a complete wench though. And "old news" to the nth degree.

SAS said...

Wow Kevin does look so much like him! Great pictures, I will not be sharing. I should just burn or throw them all away!

Carol said...

Em, Cute, isn't he?

Landee: Yes, her dress is cute and I'm sure she was nice (Cris wouldn't have taken our a skank) but I don't like her just the same.

Sara: Ahhhh--come one Sara--let's see them.

Br Boys said...

I decided as the starter of the Prom Pictures I needed to give an award away for the best.... And the winner is Carol and Chris!!! They were Great!