Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Physical Therapy Rocks!!

Yesterday Cris went to the PT ROOM and worked with "Ian". Getting from bed to wheelchair is difficult and sometimes painful but he is glad to do it.

LOOK--He's standing. Awesome Dude!! Absolutely no weight on the left leg/pelvis for a month.(Maybe pants would have been a good idea)

Today (pants included) he did different exercises and they didn't hurt too bad. Notice the mouth helps the left leg move better. Way cool socks.

Charlie decided he would exercise with Papa and make his muscles strong.
Loved the bouncy ball.
Notice all the beautiful cards from grandchildren. All other cards are greatly appreciated but not worthy of wall art. (grandkids, click on this picture to enlarge and see your cards :)The beautiful plant and balloons are from the Jeppson Family. Much appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Today I took off the splint, cleaned his arm, being careful not to touch any staples, and took another picture to document the healing process. It really does look cool.

Transferring from bed to wheelchair was MUCH better today and he is very encouraged. He had several visitors today and lots of activity and felt really good about it. His strength and endurance is increasing every day and we are very encouraged. Thanks so much to everyone for all your love and support.


Memzy said...

Who else visited? Am I missing out? Hopefully the blogs I printed out helped pass the time, no?

J-Lo said...

I have officially entered your blog address into Google reader so I'll be notified with each new post...yeah! I'm so sorry to hear about the fall, but am inspired by your ability to take everything in stride. I just spent the last hour getting caught up on your previous posts and could spend all day if there weren't limitations on how long I can sit with this big ol' pregnant belly:) I am sending my love your direction along with a whole bunch of prayers!

J-Lo said...

By the way, J-lo is code for "Jenny Ludlow" in case you were confused:)

Carol said...

J-lo, What a treat to hear from you and see your cute picture. Thanks for the kind words. Be SURE and keep us informed about that big ol' belly and when it pops. Carol

Carol said...

Memzy, We've had lots of fun visitors. yesterday morning: Bill Nelson, President Judd (I couldn't say President Nelson due to hat, tennis clothes and humorous personality--besides, he's not in our stake so technically we can still call him Bill). Mary O'Rullian, Carla Lewis, Jeanne Ingram, Abe Rodriguez. And the printed blogs were hilarious. Dad laughed out loud several times and he doesn't even think the adult women fantasy games are odd--thinks they're healthy and fun.

Landee said...

"adult women fantasy games"... what blogs do you read??? :)

I heart the pants comments. I lollerzzed big time.

I'm also going to make a card that looks like a grandkid card, maybe even sign it from one of your grandkids and see if it makes it on the wall. Be on the look out for a fake one!

Jenny ESP said...

That is one seriously impressive scar! That's got to make him the coolest grandpa ever, if he wasn't already.

(My dad has a fake tooth that he pops out and chases the grandkids with--my boys are in awe of him.)

gelly said...

I love your blogs! You two are great and deserve the best. Keep it up! Love you both-Angelica

Carol said...

Landee, You idea of a couterfiet card is a good one. He'll never know.

Gelly, So fun to hear from you!! I hear about you from Gramma and hope you're having a great time. Love you,