Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a good day we had!!

Our second full day at Mercy SNF went really well. The staff is super quick to respond to the "button"--the food is much better--the room is excellent--the TV and remote are good (this is very important when only your fingers work) and Cris had lots of company which really made him feel loved. He wouldn't have been ready for company earlier, but it was perfect timing today.

The physical therapist worked with him for about 1/2 hour, moving legs, arms and standing him up a few times. It wasn't too bad and he felt good to get off his back a bit. So we've moved past "survival mode" and are on to "we have a plan now let's get to it".

Again, Nick spent most of the day with Dad watching football which left me free to play with grandkids. They left about 4:30 for Henderson and we settled in for evening visitors.

Our Bishop and his wife and his second counselor came for a visit, gave us the sacrament and sister Lewis played her cello. It was awesome and helped us feel the Sunday spirit.

At home we made fresh play dough and had fun. Bella and Tasha

Liesl and Owen

Clara loves her Aunt Lori.

As I got Cris all settled for the night he said, "This was a really good day". I can't ask for more than that right now. (smiley face)


Landee said...

I am so glad you now have a plan & things are looking better & better all the time! You guys are great. So neat that Nick & Lori could come over for some Papa time.

Carol said...

How was your trip? Can't wait to hear all the details. Pictures? etc. Thanks for the words of encouragement. We're doing pretty good.

Br Boys said...

Carla played the cello yesterday for us too. I really felt the spirit. I'm glad you were able to hear her too. Much love.

Memzy said...

Phew! Being without internet can sure be a set back. I LOVE dad's new digs. It is way better, especially after seeing it in person. Tell Dad he NAILED it on the physical therapy.