Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's update

I know you must be getting sick of pictures of Cris in the hospital but these are legit--new ones. Notice the "shirt" and tom-terrific jammy pants and the smile and the almost straight legs. Physical therapy today went really well. He's gaining strength and balance and the pelvis is mending and doesn't hurt as much.

Now this picture is important for two reasons. 1) He's casually sitting on the side of the bed airing out his back and bum from the constant laying-down-position. 2) I took the splint off his arm today to give his wound some air time. The zipper is on the under side and can't be seen in this picture. His arm is still a bit swollen but it looks great. We did our usual "range of motion" exercises and it was NBD (no big deal). Tomorrow we're hoping the nurse takes out the staples. Not to worry--I'll have my office staple remover in my purse just in case. Tomorrow's pictures should be really cool of the "filleted arm".

A special shout out to Nathan and Annalisa for their super surprise package yesterday with very special chocolates. He now has a candy "drawer" by his bed and feels right at home. Thanks to Gramma Decker for the Dewars ice cream gift cards. We had yummy sundaes today. He's collecting the greeting cards in his drawer and likes to review them when he gets bored. Thanks so much for all the well wishes. All is well and we're moving forward. Love to all, Carol


Memzy said...

I shoulda commented on his real life shirt today!! Dangit.

J-Lo said...

Carol, you have to be the "hippest" grandma I know using those abbreviations (NBD) and phrases like "give a shout out." I love it! So glad that Cris' recovery is coming along. Make sure you sanitize that office staple remover in case you have to use it:)