Friday, October 24, 2008


Today was another exercises in frustration and patience but we finally made it out of KMC. There are so many facets to health care, insurance, patient needs. Making your way through the labyrinth can be stressful---but I prevailed. Cris was transported by Medivan (see picture below) to Mercy Hospital skilled nursing facility on Truxtun and in his new room (rm 111) by 4:30. If any of you come to visit you'll think, "this is just an ordinary not-so-appealing hospital room". You'd be wrong. It's all relative people and believe me----it's a great room. It was determined he was not ready for "acute rehab" and we should save that benefit for after the pelvis heals. So OK--could we not have heard this 3 days ago? As it turns out--this is the right decision and we're very pleased.

He was out of bed and in the wheel chair twice today and yes it was painful but he did really well. He LOVED the ride in the medivan because it was the first time in 7 days he's seen the sky. He ate a really good dinner for the first time in several days and is very happy.

Sherod and Charlie brought Gramma Rogers up to see Cris today and she really appreciated it. Charlie and I went on a short outing to Target while they visited. It felt so good for me to be on a date with one of my munchkins. He chose slimy eye balls from the Halloween section for his treat. Is anyone surprised?

Nick and Lori and the girls arrive tonight and it will be so good to have them here for cheer and support.

Hope all you traveling flanksters are having fun. You know who you are.

No that's a sweet ride! Yes, we're all happy I put pants on him.

Look at that face--pretty happy.


SAS said...

We are glad things are getting better! I am glad you are out of KMC too. It can be a scary place, with good people watching that makes you grateful for all you have and all you are! We will keep praying!

Br Boys said...

Glad to have good news. Say hi to Nick and Lori for me. If you talk to Em tell her to look at my blog.

Michael said...

My prayers continue to be with you. You are both missed at the district. Yes, Chris, there is someone new in your position, but we lose all your experience and that's a real loss. Carol, my son said that it's common knowledge among BHS students that things are not working nearly as smoothly now that you're gone. Thanks for being there for each other, and thanks for sharing your story of tenaciously working though trials. Peace, Love, Joy, --Michael