Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today was a better day.

Today was a better day. One I can talk about with a cheerful voice. Yesterday--not so much. Lessons learned yesterday:
1. When you have to take morphine for 3 days (broken pelvis pain is BAD) and then you stop. There are natural consequences. a) anxiety b) pain c)loss of appetite d)you feel "wired" and can't sleep e) depression/things feel fairly bleak.
2. Hospital rooms stink. No other way to say it.
3. Lack of sleep makes everything worse--do whatever you can to avoid it.
4. Daughters are angels
5. Ward members and friends are angels
6. When you hit an emotional wall--let someone else take over. Give up, go home, go to bed.
7. Thank the nurses regularly. They don't get paid enough.
8. Never have sleepovers with strangers. This is referring to Cris' roommates. I can't even begin to explain.

Lessons learned today:
1. Patience is a virtue for 5 days. It will not happen on day 6. If Cris' doesn't get moved out of KMC tomorrow some one is going to die. And it ain't gonna be me.
2. Sleep helps everything.
3. Daughters are angels.
4. Our Bishop is an angel.
5. When your loved one has no appetite (for various good reasons)--coaxing with smoothies sometimes helps. Just don't tell him how many "boosts" you put in that Jamba Juice. He'll find out soon enough :)
6. When feeding your husband--put on your glasses so you get the food IN his mouth.

Cris had a much better day today. He finally slept last night and his pain level was very low. No pain meds at all. He was moved around in his bed quite a bit today and tolerated it much better. While rolling him on to his side to change sheets/bathe, etc. the nurse exclaimed, "There it is"!! We finally found the bruise from the fall. We were so perplexed that he didn't have any bruises. We hadn't been able to roll him over until today and there it was--about the size of a large grapefruit on his left butt-cheek. Finally, something to show for all this. Emily stayed with Cris for lunch today so I could make a shopping trip to find him some spiffy physical therapy outfits. Fashion and comfort--an important thing. I had to look for stuff that could fit over the cast, button up the front, cover the necessary parts and still look good doing it. Success!! Look for PT pictures in the future.

Love to everyone,

P.S. Who is voting for Cloris Leachman on dancing with the stars? Whoever you are--stop it!!


Memzy said...

Does that mean I get wings? ::teehee:: And I also want one of those gold halo thingy's. Those would look fab with some dangling earings. ::again giggling::

Urmston Mom said...

Your daughters are angels because you taught them in your angel school! You are the HEAD ANGEL much better than the head nun:)

Haines 5 said...


Landee said...

Oh my gosh... you are hilarious! Leave it to you to make me laugh over this stuff.

You are the best. Keep it up! I love you!

Br Boys said...

What would we do without humor? I believe it is truely a blessing. Love you.