Thursday, October 23, 2008

One more day at KMC--seriously, it's got to end sometime.

Well peeps--it didn't happen. Cris is still at KMC waiting to be set free and go to Health South. Do you know the paperwork/channels/process to accomplish this task? Three hours on the phone, 7 phone calls from the bottom of the insurance food chain to the top and we're getting closer. Tomorrow is the day. I've walked that fine line between professional, polite communication and aggressive "this is my husband people, get off your rear ends and make it happen". Word of advice: We are all grateful for our double blue cross coverage (thank you KHSD) so don't burn any bridges. Oh the patience we're learning.

The good news for today:
1. His new pj's are terrific
2. Major score with the Jamba Juice as he has no appetite and doesn't want to eat much.
3. Thank heavens for baseball on TV--helps pass the time.
4. Again with the thank you to the great nurses.
5. Cris' patience and graciousness in his helpless situation is most admirable.
6. Thank you to our beautiful grandchildren for their cards, hugs, kisses and smiles.
7. Thanks to our ALS Group friends, local ALS case manager and Cedars Sinai team for their advice and support.
8. Thanks to our ward family
9. Again with the wonderful daughters in town and sons out of town. What would we do without them?


Urmston Mom said...

Okay by looking at the Jones blog it notes that your post was written 8 hours ago which makes it midnight. Didn't your mom ever tell you that nothing good happens after midnight. Someone needs to put some good meds in your rite-aid treat so you fall into bed at an earlier hour-you are my hero!

Carol said...

Thanks for the sweet note. Yes, it was midnight. There's so much on my mind it's hard to sleep sometimes. Today was a better day.