Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prom Picture from 1965? Seriously?

The year--1965
The guy--Bob Drury
The dress--I made it myself.
The hair--I have no explanation, except to say that "henna rinses" were really the rage. How hawt is that?

Owen and Liesl cleaning up the lemon cake bowl earlier this week. Liesl wanted chocolate chip cookies but kindly agreed to Owen's choice.

Today was homemade pizza day for Em's boys. They were not keen on a green salad to accompany said pizza and chose fruit kabobs instead. (Looking at sharp sticks) No eyes were injured in this activity.
Yummy pizza. These are the "after" pictures because gramma cannot take pictures while the odds are three against one with the flour, dough, cheese, sauce, sausage---you get the picture. I decided not to take a picture of the kitchen floor--too gross.
Charlie decorated my house for Hayoween---we call this style "Clustering".


Landee said...

I LOVE THAT PROM PICTURE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!!!!!! So classy... those short sleeves were a little risque for the times, no? Were you wearing one of your "falls?"

Love it.

ajesplin said...

Oh my goodness that prom picture is adorable! I recognize that fabric. I think we had a comforter like that. (by the way, this is Shed's cousin/Memzy's kindred spirit. I just had to see your prom picture)

Memzy said...

^Love her!! Soo glad you stopped by Jenny. As you can see, my mom is flanktastic.

Drury's name says a lot about him--Dreary Drury. No comparison to the hawtness that is Uncle Visor/Dad.

But H-E-L-L-O mom!! ::whistling like a construction worker::

Br Boys said...

Wow, your Hot!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, I LOVED it!!!

Carol said...

There's a very interesting story about Mr. Drury. Not appropriate for the blog--but high-larious none the same. And you're right--no comparison to your Dad. You should see HIS prom pictures--adorable.

Landee: THAT WAS NOT A FALL--IT WAS MY OWN HAIR, thank you very much. I shall never live down the day of the "fall". Some mistakes cannot be forgotten.

ajesplin: Memzy speaks fondly of you and should I be insulted by the comforter remark? Guess not--it does look like a comforter.

Amy: You're welcome.

Everyone: Does the clustered decorations make you laugh? Charlie's conversations are hilarious. "Gramma, these are not scarey decorations. Do you have any scarey decorations?" "No Charlie, I don't". "OK, I'll just use these cute one".

Amy Thurston said...

I was just wondering if the photographer posed your arm like that or if it was your own doing.
The dress fabric does look very sturdy.