Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween's a comin'!!

Little Miss Clara sitting up like a big girl. This is the face of sunshine!! Gramma loves her so much.

It's important to wear your halloween costumes as often as possible so that: a) you make sure they fit well and are comfortable and jazzy, b) Mom gets her money's worth. (Ariel and Annakin--sp?)

Again with the clustering form of decorating. Charlie insists that all things be organized in to families--and I mean all things. He arranged these in "ghost" , "pumpkin" and "witch" families. He scouts the house to make sure there's a mom, dad and brudders to complete each grouping.

This is my front porch--it's a pumpkin family with lots of cousins. Charlie said the cat is their pet.


Memzy said...

It's so good to know that he wants the mom and dad and brudders to be with him. Cuz "your family yuvs you even when you are in the naughty chair".

Carol said...

How true, how true. He's a character!

Landee said...

They have a new HGTV show called "Clustering: The New Feng Shui"

CharChar shoulda been the host.

Carol said...

Gotta love it!!

kristi said...

We often have "dress up Fridays" at our house! If you have a really good costume, why limit the world to only seeing it during Halloween?

Oh, and if you take a photo of the grandkids' artwork, you can post it on a Special Blog - a separate one only for grandkids - and preserve it forever! Just a thought (as I rifle with all of the precious projects that come home daily).